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May 20

Charming Jennifer Lopez visiting Jimmy Kimmel

Vivid and beautiful Jennifer Lopez became the guest of the legendary American Jimmy Kimmel’s Tonight Show

May 12

Refined minimalism in details by Valeria Lipovetsky

A delicate and elegant model Valeria Lipovetsky chooses a sophisticated and minimalist luxurious style.

May 12

Absolute elegance of jewelry by Madelyn Cline

A ravishing and elegant actress Madeline Cline chooses a sophisticated luxury to complement her captivating Hollywood red carpet looks.

May 12

Vibrant perfection of style icon Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a true icon of luxury Hollywood style, whose images attract the most sophisticated looks of the world's best fashion experts, influential critics, and the media.

May 12

Luxurious femininity of the look by the inimitable JLo

Delightful and flamboyant, Jennifer Lopez chooses exceptional looks for every ceremony and red carpet, creating a unique and recognizable style.

May 12

Vibrant and inimitable audacity are key elements of Cardi B's luxurious style

A vibrant and inimitable hip-hop artist Cardi B chooses custom SHIPHRA eco-friendly diamond jewelry to create luxurious and seductive looks at her performances.

May 12

Angela Simmons’ elegant choice for the red-carpet runaway

An American reality TV star, actress and designer Angela Simmons complemented her graceful red carpet look at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards with SHIPHRA jewelry.

May 04

Unique and precious setting for Weekends with Adele concerts

An inimitable world-famous singer Adele is the winner of 16 Grammy awards and a modern icon of femininity and style.

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