May 12

Luxurious femininity of the look by the inimitable JLo

Delightful and flamboyant, Jennifer Lopez chooses exceptional looks for every ceremony and red carpet, creating a unique and recognizable style.

For the premiere of Shortgun Wedding, the diva opted for a beautiful combination of jewellery with sustainable gems by SHIPHRA:

Аn Eternity cushion-cut ring of 5.98 carats, a White Chess emerald-cut and pear-cut white diamond ring totaling  8.7 carats, an Eclipse ring set with a vivid yellow and white princess-cut diamond totaling  10.26 carats, a Coliseum bracelet with 14 pear-cut diamonds, 1 oval cut diamond and a scattering of` diamonds with a total weight of 22.36 carats, and Courchevel earrings set with 30 cushion-cut diamonds, 48 pear-cut diamonds and a scatter of diamonds, totaling 40 carats.

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