Shiphra is the first high-end jewelry brand that creates its pieces exclusively with the use of laboratory-grown diamonds. The art of jewelry making has an inspiring history. Shiphra is here to diversify, widen and enrich the world of jewelry, and make the world of our clients brighter.
Shiphra truly believes that everything begins with YOU! We are all humans, individuals, and every one of us is a whole universe. Shiphra is about communication from one person to another. We are proud to have an individual approach to each customer and we work on the principle of “people to people”. Victoria, the founder of the brand, holds personal consultations with everyone wishing to buy jewelry, and helps them to make decisions at every stage of creation.
Every jewellery piece that is crafted by our designers and masters is born from communication between our clients, artists and gem professionals. Along with that, implementation of innovative approach and materials and a careful study of fashion trends is a target to create our high-quality luxury brand.
“Everything begins with YOU.”
Victoria is the founder of Shiphra. Shiphra is her second name.
Everything begins with Victoria, her devotion to beauty, attention to details and involvement in the whole processes of creating refined jewelry pieces. Victoria’s dedication to the brand is the driving force behind Shiphra.
When starting the brand Victoria introduced a slogan: “Everything begins with YOU.” Every woman is unique. She is born to create, conquer, inspire. Every woman is the origin of the change.
When developing five main collections, Victoria wanted to inspire confidence and empowerment through a conscious and sustainable approach to beauty.
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Victoria says:
“I have always been inspired by the art of jewelry making. Each piece of jewelry is a work of art and it becomes even more valuable when emotions are added to it. Each woman may express herself, her feelings and her thoughts through her own choice of jewelry and her own way of wearing it. Ladies search for not only unique jewelry that will enrich their look, but also for jewelry that will reflect their personality, inner world, character, style and spirit
When I started business, my driving force was the thought that I can offer people something that will bring them joy, energy and happiness. It is important for the brand and for me personally that every piece of jewelry created by Shiphra is beautiful and meaningful at the same time.”
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