Laboratory-grown diamonds

Shiphra is the first high-end jewelry brand that creates its pieces exclusively with the use of laboratory-grown diamonds. The art of jewelry making has an inspiring history. Shiphra is here to diversify, widen and enrich the world of jewelry.
Shiphra uses laboratory-grown diamonds sourced sustainably and ethically. The creation of a diamond in the lab is one of the most spectacular scientific breakthroughs. After more than 100 years of targeted research, technology is now at the point where innovative equipment can replicate natural processes that take thousands of years to create unparalleled beauty. Lab-grown diamonds have the same properties as mined diamonds, yet do not contribute to land degradation and deforestation, dust and water pollution and unsafe and exploitative mining practices. Lab-grown diamonds have certifications from all major gemological labs and institutions (GIA, HRD, IGI, etc). They maintain excellent quality and have greater diversity in stone color and shape, producing diamonds of any color and shape.
By using lab-grown diamonds, Shiphra saves precious land, energy and water resources, allowing its customers to reduce their carbon footprint. Shiphra believes in sustainable practices and responsible consumption caring for our environment, others and the planet. We support philanthropic endeavors helping children, animal shelters and protecting the environment.
Thanks to progress and technology Shiphra is able to offer a new approach and a new vision to a conscious generation. The world is changing, be at the forefront of change...
Victoria, the founder of SHIPHRA, says:
The opportunity that is behind the technology of growing diamonds in a laboratory is impressive, taking into account the sustainable way of production, and the ability of reaching fancy colors and shapes. For my brand this variety of options is important.
Establishing new connections with people, discovering new business fields demands a person to be very open-minded. And I think laboratory-grown diamonds are for the people with a wide multi-optional way of thinking. Many of my clients are such strong self-made personalities, who are successful in their family and career, and they know what they want. I can make it real!
Clear production of laboratory grown diamonds, and the understood provenance of these gems is so important for Shiphra, and for Victoria personally:
Every piece is unique and I want to make sure to choose the best stones for my jewellery.
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