May 12

Absolute elegance of jewelry by Madelyn Cline

A ravishing and elegant actress Madeline Cline chooses a sophisticated luxury to complement her captivating Hollywood red carpet looks.

For the prestigious Critics’ Choice Awards, the actress chose the Arena ring from the AXIOMA collection by SHIPHRA to add a sparkle of lab-grown gemstones to her look: a stunning combination of a 22.75-carat cabochon-cut sapphire, 22 emeralds, 14 sapphires and 14 baguette-cut diamonds of 3.6 carats, 10.05 carats and 2.83 carats, respectively, and a scattering of diamonds with totaling 5.88 carats.

The look was completed with Le Paon earrings from the CLASSIC collection: a sophisticated and eco-friendly combination of 25 carats of diamonds and 7 carats of emeralds by SHIPHRA.

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