May 20

Charming Jennifer Lopez visiting Jimmy Kimmel

Vivid and beautiful Jennifer Lopez became the guest of the legendary American Jimmy Kimmel’s Tonight Show, captivating the audience with her charming smile and the radiance of luxurious jewelry by SHIPHRA.

For her memorable look, the singer chose a Pink Orchid ring from the NATURE collection in white gold with a lab-created marquise-cut diamond weighing 1.23 carats, 2 pear-cut diamonds for a total of 1.55 carats

And a scattering of white and pink diamonds totaling 7.86 carats, complemented by a White Chess ring from the AXIOMA collection with 11 emerald and pear-cut diamonds and a scattering of diamonds of 8.7 carats and Family Tree earrings from the LOVE & BRIDAL collection with heart-cut, marquise-cut and pear-cut diamonds with a total weight of 13.55 carats.

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